MOCN represents more than 300 truck drivers, who have driven on the Middle East.

A unique profession, with unique travel experiences, which are worth to preserve and to pass.

Their stories, photos and videos give a nice picture of this adventurous and sometimes dangerous job.


We have so much to tell!


The DVD "On The Silk Road" is available for orders in our webshop.


Scale models:

(8) the Maastrans Middele-East model, the Scania 111 with huiftrailer can still be ordered in our webshop.

(9) Tekno will produce in 2018 the SEDO Middle-East Mack F700 and two Flatbed trailers. Don't wait loo long please: can be ordered in our webshop.

(10) The Mack F700 from Bloem can be ordered in our webshop. Delivery 3rd quarter 2018.


REUNION 2018 will be held on Saturday June 2, this time in the West of the Netherlands. Please put the date in your agenda, and sign up! l

With our stories, fotos and videos a piece of history is preserved and made accessible.




The countless fotos are found by topic and/or driver.

Beautiful reports, at a time, under conditions and in locations, where the average man nothing at can imagine.














In each of the stories you can feel the tension.

Get involved in adventurous travels,  at a time when you didn't know what to expect  tomorrow en where nothing was by default.






Also the number of videos is increasing.

Some are true art pieces where much effort and time is spent. With this, a piece of history is preserved and made accessible.+ TO THE VIDEOS

















info REUNION 2018

info REUNION 2018